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App of the Week – Tapping Zoo

Tapping Zoo by Tipitap is an application that all of my toddlers LOVE!

Here are the things that I think makes it a great application, even for toddlers.

  1. There is no animation. Little ones require a lot less stimulation when it comes to applications, games and cartoons. The more movement in the app/cartoon, the older the child should be before using it.
  2. The child can learn real animal sounds for a huge variety of animals such as gorillas, hyenas, zebras, and tons more.
  3. The name of the animal will be said aloud with a quick tap and the child will often echo the name which helps them retain the information.
  4. It’s educational and motivational. I use this app with a couple of my kids that have a hard time focusing and this never fails to hold their attention and motivate them to work hard so they can see a few more animals.

About Express Yourself SLP

Express Yourself Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) offers treatment, prevention, advocacy, education, and administration, in the areas of communication and swallowing from birth through 18 years of age These are the areas of speech, language and feeding I work on with chidlren in their own homes or in the community: Articulation – finding the right place in the mouth to make a sound like /s/ or /r/. Expressive Language – grammar, vocabulary development, and language development (this might be sign language or verbal language) Disfluency (stuttering) – decreasing and eliminating disfluency and concomitant behaviors associated with stuttering. Feeding – increasing food repetoire including textures, colors, and flavors. Receptive Language - comprehension of verbal or signed language Social Language – understanding and implementing expected social rules in play and conversation. This can be individually or in groups with peers Sessions are 50 minutes. Parents or caregivers must be present when sessions are in the home. If the caregiver would like a community outting, the child must be driven to the desired location by a caregiver or it should be within walking distance of the home. Parents or caregivers are also welcome and encouraged to join in community outtings.

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