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The Hanen Program and PROMPT Training

It’s been a while since I last posted to my blog. For that, I apologize. There have been so many exciting things happening!

I have taken 2 fantastic classes.

PROMPT is a non-profit company that teaches SLPs like me to train tactual sensory systems. This is most commonly used in people with disturbed motor patterns. It can be used to treat apraxia, dysarthria, phonological processing disorder, and simple articulation differences. I took a 3-day intensive workshop which leaves me trained in this program.  Here is a link to their site

The Hanen Program teaches SLPs to provide parents and caregivers with the knowledge and training they need to help young children develop the best possible language, social and literacy skills. This program is dedicated to teaching parents to communicate with their children on their level. Many times we, as adults, dominate conversations with our little ones. We mean well but we forget to give the child a turn in the conversation. We ask too many questions. We talk WAY too much. This program teaches us to turn over the reigns to the child. Let the child lead our conversation, our play and our teaching style.  It is altogether different from what we do instinctively. I also took a 3-day intensive workshop with Hanen which leaves me Hanen certified. Here is a link to their site

These two programs have so much to offer in the world of speech-language pathology. They are two of the most coveted programs in my field. I am so happy and proud to say that I am now PROMPT trained and Hanen certified.


About Express Yourself SLP

Express Yourself Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) offers treatment, prevention, advocacy, education, and administration, in the areas of communication and swallowing from birth through 18 years of age These are the areas of speech, language and feeding I work on with chidlren in their own homes or in the community: Articulation – finding the right place in the mouth to make a sound like /s/ or /r/. Expressive Language – grammar, vocabulary development, and language development (this might be sign language or verbal language) Disfluency (stuttering) – decreasing and eliminating disfluency and concomitant behaviors associated with stuttering. Feeding – increasing food repetoire including textures, colors, and flavors. Receptive Language - comprehension of verbal or signed language Social Language – understanding and implementing expected social rules in play and conversation. This can be individually or in groups with peers Sessions are 50 minutes. Parents or caregivers must be present when sessions are in the home. If the caregiver would like a community outting, the child must be driven to the desired location by a caregiver or it should be within walking distance of the home. Parents or caregivers are also welcome and encouraged to join in community outtings.

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